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What is it that sets MaxWebHost apart from all the other hosting companies out there? Reliability, Simplicity and Flexibility!

There are two major factors that contribute to a hosting company's reliablity.

First, is the network reliable. Your website will not be available if the network is not available. We do not use Cogent bandwidth. This bandwidth is very cheap and has questionable reliability. So, you can be assured that your website will be up and running smoothly.

Second, is the server reliable. Your website will not be available is the server is not available. Most hosting companies will try to max out each of their servers with as many websites and accounts as the server can handle. The problem there is that the more websites are on a given server, the more the CPU has to work and the higher the probability that another user will hog the CPU with their own processes. MaxWebHost is committed to only have 50 websites per server as opposed to 200+ websites per server thereby reducing the toll on the your server's CPU and improving reliability!

If you have shopped for a web hosting account you have probably asked yourself "How much Disk Space and Bandwidth do I need?".

Let us reveal a little industry secret. You don't need much Disk Space and you don't need much Bandwidth for your website. For example, if you have a website with 100 pages that averaged 50kb per page then you would need about 5 megabytes of Disk Space. If you had an average of 10,000 page hits per month you would need about 500mb or half a gigabyte of bandwidth. Some of our competitors plans offer between 100 MB and 2 GB of Disk Space and between 5 GB and 40 GB of Bandwidth for their hosting plans. Well, our example doesn't even fit into those ranges.

Web Hosting companies create multiple plans which are varied mainly by Disk Space and Bandwidth allotments that are simply a way for them to get you the customer to buy more than what you need. That is why MaxWebHost provides Essential website hosting. We make it simple and give you only the Essentials by having only ONE plan. Then add what you need from our list of Add-On Services and Applications.

MaxWebHost gives you the flexibility to choose the Essentials for your website. After all why should you pay more for a web hosting plan that has shopping cart software included when you don't plan on using that software? Visit our Add-On Services and Applications for pricing information.

Essential Account

Disk Space - Enough
Monthly Transfer - Enough
Unlimited Email Accounts, ASP, PHP, CGI, Perl
FrontPage Enabled
MS Access Supported
ODBC/OLEDB Supported
Webmail Enabled

Monthly: $75
Setup: $10

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